November 29, 2022

Learn Arabic Language Murouj Academy

Learn Arabic Language

Learn Arabic language: Imam El Shafie said: “Allah chose the Arabic language to be the language of his Holy book. Quran was written in Arabic, our Profit’s language, and that is why every Muslim should learn Arabic”. Qur’an, the precious book of Islam (Qur’an in Arabic), assures that the Arabic language is Islam’s only official

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Best Reciters Of Quran Murouj Academy

Best Reciters Of Quran

Best Reciters of Quran: When it comes to the best reciters of Quran, we should identify first what is a reciter. A reciter or A Qari “Reader”, is a person who studies the rules of Qur’an recitation which is known as “Tajweed” in Arabic. It is important to know that it is not necessary to

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Ijazah In Quran Recitation Murouj Academy Now

Ijazah In Quran Recitation

Ijazah in Quran recitation: Given the tremendous advances in technology, and telecommunications, in particular, many Muslims living in non-Muslim countries seek to Memorize Qur’an online. Fortunately, many Qur’an teachers are easy to be found online on many Qur’ans teaching websites, but choosing the right qualified Qur’an teacher is the hard part because it is important

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