I choose Murouj

My daughter Solaf has been attending tutoring sessions with you for almost two years now. You’ve been wonderful, very professional, and with great helpful spirit. We noticed a considerable improvement in Solaf’s knowledge in both Arabic and Quran knowledge. One of your great trates that you teach Solaf with joy to break the dry atmosphere of remote learning. Also, you don’t give up and you are one of the exceptional unrelenting teachers, you persistently teach Solaf despite of her moody character.

Solaf loves your lessons and she considers you a family member. We are lucky to work with you and we wish the best of luck in your personal and professional life.

Teacher is absolutely wonderful! She is great to work with, punctual, and professional. My daughter loves working with her! I definitely recommend her.
Teacher Kind and very patient. She explains it all very nicely while also giving exercises to ensure that you understand her lessons.
Teacher is teaching my daughter Arabic and Quran and I am very happy with the experience thus far. She communicates very well and informs me on everything they worked on and what homework was assigned.
A refined teacher of the Quran having the capability to explain concepts in clear English and Arabic as well having a very friendly and encouraging teaching style. Highly recommended!
Teacher is well receptive to suggestions and ideas, and flexible with lesson scheduling. Our daughter had previous experiences with tutors whose teaching styles didn’t work for us. Alhamdullah, we highly recommend her. May Allah bless her.
I love my classes with my teacher. I feel comfortable with her even though I cant do well. She speaks English very good, so there's no communication issues.
I’m working with my teacher to teach my 8 years old and 11 years old sons, she is very kind and patient, I would definitely recommend Murouj Academy, Their lessons are always interesting and informative.
I am enjoying the lessons of My teacher! I am currently following her lessons and I will stay with her for a long time! not only does she teach good, you also get a very good bond with her!
Teacher is honestly a great and understanding teacher with a lot of patience! My memorization is very weak but she has a lot of patience and is so helpful in understanding ever class.
Teacher is very honest and helps me with finding and solving my issues. I really look forward to work with her. She is professional in her work and flexible with her working times
Teacher is is extremely patient, and kind. She is very responsive, and gets back to me fast about any issues, and is very flexible and willing to work around my schedule.
Teacher is incredibly easy to work with, she has the perfect about of patience, as well as she is super engaging. If you too, work with Murouj Academy, you will not be disappointed!
Teacher Bilal took the time to get to know my children as well as understand their level in Quran and their intentions. He was easy for them to talk to and seems like a teacher who will be able to motivate them to excel insha'Allah.
Teacher is a very nice and lively arabic tutor with an empathic approach on teaching. She has a feeling for dialing the pace of the lesson to the students capability and gives good structured input.

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