Islamic studies course

Teach your kids Islamic studies by our certified teachers.

By the end of the Islamic Studies students will: 

Islamic studies Course

Islam is a major religion in the world with an estimated 1.9 billion people being Muslims. It is a message of God that tells us to pursue knowledge, peace, unity, and love. Islamic Studies emphasizes the importance of both faith and practicality. This message was delivered to us by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah’s divine messenger. The Prophet was sent not only to give us the message but to also provide us with an example of the perfect Muslim. The Islamic studies course is designed for kids and is made to teach them all the facets of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim.

Islamic Studies Course Outline:

At Murouj Academy, we aim to teach kids about Islam in an interactive and engaging way. Islamic history will teach our students about how Islam came to be. The core principles of Islam will help our kids model their character. The rules of Islam will help our kids understand how to behave in life. The study of the Quran will bring our kids closer to Allah and help them understand His message.