How To Pray Taraweeh Step By Step?

How To Pray Taraweeh Step By Step Murouj Academy

How to pray Taraweeh step by step?

  • For many reasons, some Museums have been forced to pray Taraweeh at home, such as mothers with newborn Babies or men working evening shifts. None of us forgets the period of the lockdown we lived under during the COVID-19 quarantine in 2020 that forced us to stay at home for a long time. Mosques were closed and we spent all of Ramadan at home.
  • And so many people’s questions were does it fit to pray Salatul Al Taraweeh in the house? How do we pray it without the imam of the mosque?
  • What happens when we can’t pray Taraweeh in the mosque? Are we still praying at home? Do we lose some prayer value? How did the Prophet Muhammad pray? How do I pray in the house? We did our research to help you figure it out!


How to pray Taraweeh step by step? is our question, and you will find the answer in the coming lines.

How many Rakat in Taraweeh?

  • How to pray Taraweeh step by step? Let us provide an overview of how to perform the Taraweeh prayer at home, and start by talking about the time of Taraweeh prayer at home, which comes after performing the obligatory Isha prayer, and it is desirable to pray after the Sunnah, and it is not correct to perform it before the Ishaa prayer, because it is a Sunnah prayer after the obligatory prayer, and it continues Its time until dawn, and it is not permissible to make up the Tarawih prayer after its time has ended. It is worth noting that the number of rakats in Taraweeh prayer is 20 rakats without the Witr prayer, then the Witr prayer is performed with three rakats, so that Tarawih is prayed two rakats, and the worshiper gives the salutation after every two rakats, and it can be prayed 8 rakat as well.
  • With regard to How to pray Taraweeh step by step? at home alone, it is like other prayers, where the worshiper faces the qibla and begins his prayer with the opening takbeer, recites the opening prayer in secret, completes the two rakats as usual and gives the salutation, then starts again and repeats that in every two rakats of Tarawih prayer, and it is completed either with eight rakats or 10 rakats or even 20 rakats, according to what he can, so there is nothing wrong with that.


As for How to pray Taraweeh step by step? at home in congregation, there are specific conditions if a man prays with his wife and children, where his wife must stand behind him, but if a man prays with his son he must stand beside him on the right, and if he prays with both of them, then his son stands next to him and his wife behind him, but if the man prays with his children Males and females with his wife, so the males stand in the first row behind him, and the females stand in another row behind them.

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Taraweeh prayer Dua:

How to pray Taraweeh step by step? this question makes us speak about Dua. Dua is the mean by which worshippers come close to Allah. Dua is the door in which man can realize all his dreams and wishes. Allah loves the slave who is persistent in His Dua, and the most beautiful Duas in the holy month after Ramadan Taraweeh, and what is greater than Dua after Taraweeh prayer?! Here are some of the famous Taraweeh’s Duas.

  • “Oh Allah, we submit to you, in you we believe, on you we trust, to you we turn, in you we quarrel, and to you we judge. Forgive us for what we have done, and what we delayed, what we have concealed, what we have declared, and what you know better than us”
  • “Oh Allah, we ask you for your forgiveness and wellness in this life and the Hereafter. Oh Allah, we ask you for forgiveness and wellness in our religion, our life, our family and our wealth. Oh Allah, cover up our nakedness, secure our horrors, protect us from before us and from behind us, from our right and our left, and from above. Oh Allah, we seek refuge in Your greatness from being assassinated from below us.”

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How to pray Taraweeh with Isha:

How to pray Taraweeh step by step? When Muslems asked our prophet Muhammed “peace and Allah’s prayer be upon him” about Isha Prayer, He said: “Prayers at night are offered in two followed by two. Then, if you fear dawn will come, pray Witr with one.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

As we used to pray Taraweeh in our mosque, we strongly encourage Taraweeh prayers with your family members, where the wages of congregational prayers are doubled. Plus, it’s a great link for your family! If you can’t, that’s absolutely fine! You don’t know how to pray? Here is the simple step-by-step division:

  1. Evening prayers (four Rakat).
  2. Pray two Rakat of Isha prayers
  3. Select your intention to start prayer tarawih. Pray the first four Turaweeh rakat (two rakat at a time).
  4. Take a short break.
  5. Pray the next four Rakat (again, two Rakat at a time).
  6. Here you can either finish the Taraweeh and move to the Witr, or continue to pray.
  7. Pray the Witr (one Rakat or three Rakat).

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How to pray Taraweeh in Mosque?

  • How to pray Taraweeh step by step? Taraweeh prayers are two Rakats at a time and it is performed loudly because it is not quiet prayers. When you enter the mosque, they will perform Isha prayers first, spend time (where you can pray Sunni prayers) or do a few memorabilia “Dhikr” and then start with two Rakat of Taraweeh.
  • Some mosques pray 8 Rakats, so 2 two Rakats and then two more, then two more Rakats and then finally 3 Rakats of Witr prayer. Other Mosques pray 20 Rakats as the Witr prayers end.
  • When Imam starts reciting for Taraweeh they are working their way through the Surahs starting with Surat Al Baqarah. By the end of Ramadan, it is all the short surahs so you could spend Ramadan trying to memorize these. If you attended all prayers at the mosque during Ramadan, you will be recited the whole of the Quran!

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