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In the Quran, Allah urges people to think, ponder, reflect, and acquire knowledge that would bring them closer to Him and His creations. The Prophet (PBUH) further imposed the importance of knowledge on his followers. He told them to seek knowledge as much as they could and to always pursue it. Murouj Academy was created with this purpose at its heart.

Murouj Academy tries to give our students the best education that we can possibly provide. Our teaching methods and standards ensure that all who study with us will acquire great knowledge in the courses of their choosing. Our staff is highly qualified with Ijazah to teach the Holy Quran. They are well aware of the importance of their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to teaching Islam and the Quran.

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Our Courses

We offer a variety of courses for both kids & adults

Quran Memorization

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential with Our Comprehensive Quran Memorization Program

Standard Arabic Course

Learn the basic of the Arabic Language which helps you understand Quran

Quran Tajweed

Improve your Quranic recitation accuracy, enhances understanding & pronunciation

New Muslim

Understand where to begin as a new Muslim with the area of Islamic Education


Achieve Quran Recitation Mastery with Our Ijazah Course with our experts

Islamic Studies

Learn the basic to advance level of islamic rules and regulation

Our Teachers

Some of our Expert Teachers

Meryem Husam

Arabic, Quran, Islamic Studies

Salma Sayyed

Quran, Islamic Studies

Bilal Mahmoud

Quran, Islamic Studies

Amani Mohammad

Quran, Islamic Studies

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