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Learn Arabic language:

  • Imam El Shafie said: “Allah chose the Arabic language to be the language of his Holy book. Quran was written in Arabic, our Profit’s language, and that is why every Muslim should learn Arabic”.
  • Qur’an, the precious book of Islam (Qur’an in Arabic), assures that the Arabic language is Islam’s only official language. Arabic was chosen by Allah to be the language of the holy scripture; therefore, all Muslims must Read and speak Arabic to be able to pray and understand the verses of the Qur’an.

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Arabic language course:

  • learning Arabic is very important not only for Moslems but also to anybody desires to lean about the Arabic culture. World contains 420 million Arabic speakers on earth, that makes the Arabic language the 5th spoken linguistic group in the whole world.
  • Another factor makes Arabic language is very important to learn; it is the official language of 26 countries, including 22 countries are members in the Arab League.
  • Arabic speakers not only living in Arabic countries, but also living outside the Arab world. They are all over the world, that is why Arabic language is very important, even if we count it from a quantitative perspective.

Learn Arabic language contains many stages first memorizing the Arabic alphabet, writing the letters, then studying Arabic Grammar. these stages will aide Arabic language students to achieve the following:

  • Proper Pronunciation of Arabic Language and Oral Communication.
  • Excellent linguistic skills
  • Improved cognitive capabilities because of versatility
  • Understanding Islam around the world.

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Learn Arabic alphabet:

  • Arabic language is very much different from English language. there are many differences between the two languages, first it is written from right to left while the English is written from left to right. Second it uses totally different grammar and alphabet structure, and that makes learning Arabic a very new adventure to English speakers or European natives in general, so it might take a long time.
  • During our Technology and digital era, you are not obliged to travel or even to leave your room to learn Arabic, because nowadays you can reach the whole world by a finger touch. Online Islamic Academy such as Morouj, offers Online Arabic course with many facilities that allows anybody to lean Arabic language and online Islamic classes through online Islamic Academies.

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Learn Arabic for beginners:

In Morouj Academy, we are very aware of different backgrounds of Students, and the different needs as well, so we curated 3 levels of our course to be suitable for everyone intends to learn Arabic.  the levels are (Beginners- Intermediate- Advanced).

Arabic course for beginners

The Arabic course for beginner “Arabic alphabet and its corresponding pronunciation”.

 Learning Objectives are

when you finish the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognizing Arabic alphabet
  • pronounce and understand the phonetics of Arabic properly
  • Understanding the Arabic vowels.


Learn Arabic language online:

  • There are many Online Islamic Academies that spreads all over the virtual world to Learn Arabic language. Islamic Academy offers not only Islamic education but also Arabic Language courses, that contains learning Arabic Alphabets, Arabic words, Arabic writing and also speak Arabic.
  • Morouj Academy could be reached in 50 countries with 300 courses and 100 teachers. Arabic course includes 3 levels (Beginners- Intermediate- Advanced) when you obtain your advanced certificate, you will be able to translate Arabic to English translation and speak Modern standard Arabic.
  • you could learn Arabic free online with Morouj, if you applied in the Arabic course, Because Morouj offers two free trial classes, and you will get a certificate after completing the course.

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