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Best Reciters Of Quran Murouj Academy

Best Reciters of Quran:

  • When it comes to the best reciters of Quran, we should identify first what is a reciter. A reciter or A Qari “Reader”, is a person who studies the rules of Qur’an recitation which is known as “Tajweed” in Arabic.
  • It is important to know that it is not necessary to memorize Qur’an to recite it, but it is necessary to recite it according to the rules of Tajweed with a melodious sound.
  • The Egyptian Reciting school is the most important and famous school of reading Qur’an in the Islamic world, and the Quadrumvirate of “Mustafa Ismail, Elmenshawy, AbdulBasit and Al Husary” are considered the best and most famous Reciters in the modern era.

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Reciters of Quran:

The voices of the readers in Egypt are so distinguished, you could feel that they read for you privately. No doubt it is a reading comes out of the heart that reaches directly to everyone’s heart.  Their recitation explains the meaning of the verses, so you can preserve it in your mind and contemplate it later.

The famous Readers of Qur’an in Egypt are:

  • Muhammed Refaat
  • Mustapha Ismail
  • Muhammed Salama
  • Mahmoud Khalil Al Husary
  • Muhamed Sidiq Al Menshawy
  • Kamil Youssef Al Bahtimi
  • AbdulBasit AbdulSamad

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Quran recitation in English:

  • There are many translations of Qur’an in English and most of the international languages, but the translation of the holy book can’t stand as the real Qur’an who has been described with بِلِسَانٍ عَرَبِيٍّ مُّبِينٍ which means “In plain Arabic speech”.
  • Best Reciters of Qur’an would be in only Arabic, meaning with the real and original text of Qur’an, because Qur’an in other languages is just an interpretation of the original Quran in Arabic and we can’t consider it as a holy book, so we can’t recite it with Tajweed rules, but we can listen or recite verses in Arabic while following the interpretation in English or any other language.

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Popular Quran Reciters:

There are many popular Reciters in the Arab world that captures the hearts of Millions of Muslims all over the world, such as:

  • Sheikh Ali Mahmoud.Born in 1878 in Sedna al-Hussein neighborhood, Cairo, to a family of ease and richness, Sheikh was injured by an accident that took his full sight. Elsheikh Ali Mahmoud became one of Egypt’s most famous Reciters. He became the main Qur’an Reciters of Imam Hussein Mosque.
  • Sheikh Taha ElFashnySheikh Taha Hassan Morsi al-Fashni, one of the most prominent Qur’an reciters in the Islamic world in general and the Egypt in particular. He was born in 1900 at Al-Fashan in Beni Suef governorate, memorized the Holy Qur’an and then learned the Qur’an recitation.
  • Mishary Bi Rashid El Affasy Al-Afassi is an imam at the Grand Mosque in Kuwait. He gained international fame through his innovative use of technology to promote Islam through two Social Media channels, and his website.
  • Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Al-Shatri is the prominent reader of the Holy Qur’an. Although he studied accounting, he became increasingly influential in reciting the qur’an on international Islamic occasions, especially across the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. He’s now Living in London.
  • Islam Sobhi He is an Egyptian medical student who began reading the Qur’an and uploading his videos to YouTube. He has now reached more than 300 million views. His beautiful voice attracted millions of followers, and the young reader boasts more than 7 million followers on various social media.

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Top 10 best Quran reciters in the  Islamic world:

you can listen and follow many of Qur’an Reciters all over the world, while you are sitting on your chair in front of your laptop or holding your Smart phone. There are many of famous Qur’an readers that are followed by millions of Moslems worldwide because of Internet and online Islamic Academies. I will mention 10 of them in this following lines.

  • Sheikh Abd Elbaset Abd elsamad
  • Sheikh Mahmoud Al Husary
  • Sheikh Maher ElM’eqly
  • Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmy
  • Sheikh Saad Al Ghamdy
  • Sheikh Edris Abakr
  • Sheikh Haza’a ElBeloushy
  • Sheikh Yasser Eldoussary
  • Sheikh Masha ElAfasy
  • Sheikh Ra’ad AlKordy

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