Arabic Language

Best Online Arabic Course

Best Online Arabic Course

Best Online Arabic course: The best online Arabic language course teaches Arabic and enhances the skills of the Arabic language through a full-fledged Arabic language course. You will discover in our online Arabic course at Morouj that learning Arabic is easy. This Arabic course covers all the main topics that beginners need to learn. Topics are […]

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Learn Arabic Language Murouj Academy

Learn Arabic Language

Learn Arabic language: Imam El Shafie said: “Allah chose the Arabic language to be the language of his Holy book. Quran was written in Arabic, our Profit’s language, and that is why every Muslim should learn Arabic”. Qur’an, the precious book of Islam (Qur’an in Arabic), assures that the Arabic language is Islam’s only official

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Know More About Arabic in Islam Now Murouj Academy

Arabic in Islam

Arabic in Islam Islam is a religion that is based on the belief in one God, and the centrality of the Arabic language is a key principle of the faith. For Muslims, Arabic is the language of the Quran, and it is also used in Islamic prayers and other religious rituals. Arabic in Islam has

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Great History Of Arabic Alphabet Murouj Academy

Arabic Alphabet

History of Arabic Alphabet The Arabic language is one of the most known languages worldwide, it is a language that is used daily by more than 400 million people from all around the world, as there are more than 25 Arab-speaking countries that consider Arabic as their official or main language, these countries include Saudi

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