August 27, 2022

Beautiful Prayers In Islam Murouj Academy

Prayers In Islam

When are the prayers of Islam? Prayers in Islam are an essential part of being a Muslim, it is what completes a person as a Muslim, as prayers are one of the most important pillars of Islam; in other words, it is from the 5 rules of Islam in it comes as the second pillar. […]

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Available Islamic Food And Healthy Murouj Academy

Islamic Food

What is Islamic food? Islamic food is important to be known among Muslims in order for them to avoid eating Haram food and avoid gaining any sins by eating Haram food. Islamic food is the permitted food for Muslims which is known as Muslim Halal food. Muslims could eat all types of food except the

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The Best Islamic Books To Read Murouj Academy

Islamic Books

What are the best Islamic books?   There are many different Islamic books that are considered very beneficial for Muslims; however, the number one book and most important out of all Islamic Books is the Islamic Holy book or the book of Quran. Quran is the sacred book of Allah, which all Muslims must follow

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