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What are the best Islamic books?


There are many different Islamic books that are considered very beneficial for Muslims; however, the number one book and most important out of all Islamic Books is the Islamic Holy book or the book of Quran. Quran is the sacred book of Allah, which all Muslims must follow and believe in, it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed by the angel Gabriel from Allah. The meaning of the Quran’s verb is to recite or read. The book Quran is considered a Muslim’s guide to Islam and to life, as it contains commandments, laws, religious philosophies, and a guide for one’s morals and social manners and behaviors. Quran is written in the Arabic language, and it was revealed over 23 years, it is divided into 114 surah or chapters.

The book of the Quran:

Allah guides the Holy book of the Quran which is why it did not change over the years and remained the same, the same identical copy for years. Different verses of the Quran were translated into 114 different languages, and the whole book was translated into 47 different languages. There are various topics that the Muslim book or the Quran tackles, which is why reading the Quran does not only help Muslims gain more deeds, but it is also very beneficial as it contains many learned lessons that one could apply in his / her daily life in order to be a better person and a better Muslim who follows the right principles, values, and morals, and follows the righteous beliefs. For all these reasons and much more; the book of Quran is considered the essence of Islam and the most important Islamic book.

Muslim book:

As for those who are trying to understand Islam more and get an insight on the basis of Islam and how Islam was during the past decades or when Islam first emerged, then it would be a good idea to resort to hadith books. The Arabic meaning of Hadith is “story” it is considered the main source for Islam, and a very important Muslim book, as it contains some saying of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). Some people use hadith books as a reference to understand verses from Quran, in other words; people consider the Holy Quran as the messages that Allah is delivering and the Hadith as the explanation of the messages. There are many things that Muslims learned from Hadith, such as; how to pray, the right way of fasting and paying zakah, and more. In addition, the Hadith contains the prophet Muhammed’s Sunnah which Allah tells Muslims in the book of Quran to follow Prophet Muhamed’s Sunnah; therefore, the hadith is considered one of the most important Islamic books.

Islamic books:

To seek Islamic knowledge is a very important need that should exist within Muslims, as Muslims should believe that the holy Quran is one of Allah’s greatest gifts to all Muslims because it is from Allah’s mercy that He left us with Quran to guide us and fill us with knowledge. The holy Quran and the Hadith books were created to guide Muslims on the right track and live how Allah would want them to be living in order to gain deeds, avoid sins, and win the bigger prize after death, which is Jannah.

Hadith books:

In addition, there are many Islamic books to read that come after the book of Quran and hadith books; such as books about Prophet Muhammed’s life and his legacy which also contain parts from the hadith books, books about the history of Islam, books that explain Quran in detail, and books about the pillars or rules of Islam. The more a Muslim reads Islamic books, the more knowledge he/she will gain about Islam, and will definitely grow closer to Allah.

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