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What is Islamic food?

Islamic food is important to be known among Muslims in order for them to avoid eating Haram food and avoid gaining any sins by eating Haram food. Islamic food is the permitted food for Muslims which is known as Muslim Halal food. Muslims could eat all types of food except the forbidden food in Islam, and for one to know the forbidden food in Islam one has to know the Muslim food restrictions to avoid the Haram food and beverages in Islam which are known in the Muslim community.

Muslim halal food:

In order to eat the right or proper Islamic food one must know the following terms; first is “Halal” which means permitted in the rules of Islam, this term is mainly used when it comes to food, and the opposite of Halal is Haram, which is anything that is not permitted or is prohibited in terms of the Islamic rules or guidelines, and if someone practiced or did something that is considered haram in Islam gains sins. Halal food is all the food that is not prohibited in the Islamic rules or laws, in Islam Muslims are permitted to eat all food except food and beverages that are mentioned in the Quran or are clearly defined as forbidden in Quran verses. The most known food and beverage that is Haram is pork and drinks that contain alcohol. Some restaurants or dining places refer to Halal food as Muslim Friendly food which means that the food is suitable for Muslims to eat, follows the rules of Islamic food, and does not contain forbidden food in Islam. The term Mashbooh means suspicious, meaning that the food is not identified as Halal or Haram. Another term is Zabihah; which is the Islamic way of slaughtering animals to eat, and it is the purest way and most humane way to slaughter any animal for eating, which follows the Muslim meat rules.

Muslim food restrictions:

The food and drinks that were explicitly mentioned in the Quran and defined as forbidden are; any dead meat or animal that has died before slaughtering (except sea creatures), pork, alcohol, domestic animals (donkeys, mice, dogs, cats, etc…), any bird that has talons or claws (falcons, vultures, etc.…)

Muslim food:

Many Muslims have a misconception that the only food that is not permitted or is Haram is Pork and beverages that contain alcohol. Other than Pork and alcoholic beverages, in order for Muslims to eat meat or chicken, they need to follow the Muslim meat rules, which is the halal way of slaughtering any type of meat or chicken. The halal way of slaughtering meat or chicken is rather a more humane way of slaughtering, in which one needs to slaughter the meat or chicken with a sharp knife so that the animal would not suffer, and other alive animals should not be exposed to or see the slaughtering of the animals that is to be slaughtered, the butcher should say Bism-Allah (in the name of God) before slaughtering, and then should cut directly through the neck of the animal so that its blood would start draining, by so the butcher would be slaughtering the animal in a painless and humane way, and most importantly a halal way while following the Muslim meat rules, and the meat would be considered as edible Islamic food.

Forbidden foods in Islam:

There are certain animals that are prohibited to eat in Islam such as pork, donkeys, cats, dogs, and monkeys. Muslims are also prohibited to eat birds with talons, such as falcons, and eagles. There are also some reptiles that are considered haram and are considered good to kill; such as mice, snakes, and scorpions.

Muslim meat rules:

All animals that are haram to eat or prohibited in Islamic food are all prohibited for scientific reasons.

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