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When are the prayers of Islam?

Prayers in Islam are an essential part of being a Muslim, it is what completes a person as a Muslim, as prayers are one of the most important pillars of Islam; in other words, it is from the 5 rules of Islam in it comes as the second pillar. The pillars of Islam are; first, shahada, which is reciting the phrase “There is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is his prophet.”. The second is Salah which is the daily prayer in Islam. Third is Zakat, which is donating or giving money to those who are in need, or to the poor. Fourth is Sawm, which is Islamic fasting. Fifth and last is Hajj, which is visiting the Kaaba in Mecca at a specific time of the year.

Prayers in Islam:

The Salah or the prayer in Islam comes as the second pillar or rule in the five rules of Islam highlights its importance and stresses how essential it is to Muslims. Salah or the Islamic prayer is a fard or duty that all Muslims are obligated to perform.

Islamic prayer times:

There are 5 prayers of Islam, the first prayer is the Islamic morning prayer which is known as Fajr and its timing is at dawn, the second prayer is the noon prayer which is known as Duhr, the third prayer is the mid-afternoon prayer which is known as Asr, the fourth prayer is the sunset prayer which is known as Maghrib, and the final and fifth prayer is the after dark prayer which is known as Isha. There is a call for prayer or an Azan for every prayer at specific timings which is according to the position of the sun.

Prayers in Islam:

In order to properly perform the Salah or the prayers in Islam one must prepare first, by performing Wudu or ablution, it is the first essential step in the Islamic prayers, it is considered an act of worship, which is why it is important for one o to perform it correctly as follows; it first starts by saying Bism-Allah (In the name of God) and making sure that your intentions are to perform the obligation or fard of wudu, then washing your hands to the wrist three times, after that rinsing your mouth three times, then rinse your nose three times, washing your face three times making sure to cover your whole face starting from your hairline to your chin, after that washing your arms starting from your fingertips will your elbow also three times, then wiping your head here times, after that, you wipe your ears three times, and the last step on wudu is washing your feet from your toes to your ankles three times, and by so you are ready for performing the Islamic prayer.

Morning prayer Islam:

After performing the Wudu and getting ready, one must face the Qibla which is the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, it is identified through a Qibla compass or a smart Qibla finder on your smartphone. It is important to have the intention of prayer before starting each prayer and not hurry during the prayer to just finish the obligation, one needs to have respect and reverence for Khushu. Each prayer has a different number of units which is known as Rakah; the Fajr prayer has 2 units, the Duhr prayer has 4 units, the Asr prayer has 4 units also, the Maghrib prayer has 3 units, and the Isha prayer has 4 units. All prayers in Islam need to be performed in the Arabic language because it is the Language of the Quran.

Friday prayer:

Other than the five prayers in Islam, there is a Friday prayer; which is also a Fard or duty to all male Muslims, in which it is the Duhr or afternoon Friday prayer, what makes it different and special is that males have to perform it in a mosque, listen to the speech by the Imam of the mosque, and prayer together.

Islamic prayer:

It is very important that Muslim children start to learn the prayers in Islam at the age of ten or before that young age in order to get used to performing the five Islamic prayers as they grow up, and have it as an essential part of their day considering the fact that it is a Fard or obligation to all Muslims regardless to any circumstances; therefore, it would be better to learn and get used to performing the Islamic prayers at a young age. For those who are new to Islam, it is important to understand the importance of the prayers in Islam, and that one’s Islamic religion would not be complete or right without the five Islamic prayers.

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