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Islamic stories of prophets:


  • There are many stories in Islam that are full of wisdom, especially those who are telling the Islamic stories of prophets. Prophets in Islam were extraordinary people set by Allah to different communities to be s role and lead an example to inspire them and disseminate Islam’s message.
  • Qur’an mentions 25 prophets by name, but it is believed that there is much more than that as stated in the holy book, “And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger” said Allah in Qur’an (Surat Nahl Ayat 16).

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Islamic stories from The Quran:


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Stories of the prophet Muhammad:


  • Master Muhammad May Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him, was the prophet and founder of Islam and has a very interesting story among Islamic Stories of prophets. He spent most of his early life as a merchant, but at the age of 40, he began with verses of Allah that became the foundation of the Qur’an and the foundation of Islam. By 630, most of the Arabian Peninsula had been united under one religion.
  • As of 2015, there are more than 1.8 billion Muslims in the world who states, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”
  • Master Muhammad May Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him, was born around 570 in Mecca. His father died before he was born, raised by his grandfather first and then his uncle. He belonged to a poor family but belonged to a tribe of Quraish masters. The family was active in politics and trade in Mecca.
  • Many of the tribes that lived in the Arabian Peninsula at the time were nomads who traded goods while crossing the desert. Most tribes were multi-gods, worshipping their own group of gods. Mecca was an important commercial and religious hub, home to many temples and places of worship where devotees prayed to the idols of these gods.
  • The most famous site was Al-Kaaba Al-Musharraf, built by Master Ibrahim with his son Master Ismail. The people of Mecca gradually turned to decoy and idolatry.

Islamic Stories of prophets:

  • Islamic Stories of Prophets say that Master Muhammad worked in the camel’s caravan during his early teens, following in the steps of many people of his age, who were born of little richness.
  • He worked with his uncle, gaining experience in trade by traveling to Syria, and eventually from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.
  • Over time, Mohammed gained a reputation for being sincere and honest, until acquired the title of “Al Amin” which means faithful or trustworthy.
  • In his early 20s, Master Mohammed began working for a wealthy trader named Sayeda Khadija, 15 years older who was soon attracted to him because of his honesty, so may Allah be pleased with her, and proposed to marry him, May Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him. Master Muhammed accepted, and over the years, the happy union brought many children.
  • Not everyone lived until adulthood, but Sayeda Fatima May Allah be pleased with her, Married Master Ali Ibn Abi Talib, cousin of Master Muhammed May Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, and Allah blessed them with Al Hassan & Al Hussein May Allah be pleased with them.

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  • Islamic Stories of prophets say:
    Master Mohammed was highly religious, occasionally making trips to holy sites near Mecca. On a pilgrimage during 610, he contemplated on Hira cave. Archangel Gabriel appeared and transmitted Allah’s Word.
  • Sayeda Khadija, Mr. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, and Mr. Ali Abi Taleb were the first to believe in the message, and soon Master Mohammed began gathering the followers, initially facing no opposition.
  • Most people in Mecca either ignored him or mocked him as just another prophet! However, when his message condemned the worship of fetishes, many tribal leaders in Mecca began to view Mohammed and his message as a threat.
  • Besides disagreeing with old beliefs, the conviction of idol worship had economic consequences for traders who cared for thousands of pilgrims coming to Mecca every year.
  • This was particularly true for members of the Muhammad tribe, Quraysh, who were the guardians of the honorable Kaaba.
  • Traders and leaders in Mecca felt a threat, offering Mohammed incentives to abandon his speech, but he refused.
  • Increasingly as Islamic Stories of prophets say, Master Mohammed’s resistance and followers grew and were eventually forced to migrate from Mecca to Medina, 260-mile north in 622.
  • This event marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. There Mohammed was instrumental in ending the civil war that erupted among many of the city’s tribes. Mohammed settled in Medina, built his Muslim community, and gradually received acceptance and more followers.

Stories of prophets in Islam:

  • Between 624 and 628, Muslims participated in a series of battles for their survival. In the final grand confrontation, the battle of Al Khandaq and the siege of Medina, Mohammed, and his followers triumphed and a treaty was signed.
  • The treaty was broken by the Mechanical Allies a year later. Master Mohammed had then a lot of power and the balance of power shifted away from the leaders of Mecca to him. In 630, the Islamic Army crawled to Mecca, capturing the city with minimal casualties. Master Mohammed pardoned many of the leaders of Mecca who opposed him and pardoned many others.
  • Most residents of Mecca converted to Islam. Muhammad and his followers then proceeded to destroy all statues of the pagan gods in and around the Kaaba Musharraf.

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Stories of prophets in Islam:

  • Ibrahim is believed to have been the first person to learn the idea of only one God, known as Abu al-Anbiyah (Father of the prophets), and Islam focuses on key figures, including many.
  • Among the most important prophets whose stories appear in the Holy Qur’an are Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, Jesus, and Mohamed.

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Stories of prophets for kids

  • Websites like the Morouj academy website contain many articles about Islamic Stories of prophets for kids that reveal the stories of prophets and let your children experience good Islamic stories that build their foundations on the basic concepts of Islam and being Muslim.
  • These stories address the lives of prophets with facts from the beginning and conflicts in their journey to spread Allah’s message.
  • Your children will learn how humanity started on the earth by descending the Prophet Adam from heaven, the great floods of Noah and the great Kingdom of Solomon, then the Arab Revolution by the Prophet Muhammad, and much more throughout history.

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