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What is a Sufi Muslim?

The Answer to the question What is a Sufi Muslim? is that Sufism is an Islamic doctrine, but according to the Sufi vision, it is not a doctrine, but rather one of the three levels of religion (Islam, faith, and charity).

Just as jurisprudence is concerned with the teachings of Islamic law, and the teaching of belief in faith, Sufism is concerned with achieving the station of goodness, the station of education and behavior, the station of nurturing the soul and the heart, purifying them from vices and adorning them with virtues, which is the third pillar of the complete Islamic religion after the two pillars of Islam and faith, and it was collected by the hadeeth of Archangel Gabriel And Ibn Asher mentioned it in his compilation (Al-Murshid al-Mu’in ala al-Nahdihi Min al-Uloom al-Din), and urged more on the position of Ihsan, because of its great value and significance in Islam.

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Sufi Muslim:

 When we ask what is a Sufi Muslim? We should ask if there is a Sufi Muslim.

Sufism and the people of Sufism are many types, and they have many paths, and the reasons for calling them Sufis differed, and many scholars said: They were named this; because they used to wear wool (SOUF in Arabic), and because they were distinguished by wearing the wool from others; They were called: Sufism.

It was said as well that they are people of purity (SAFAA in Arabic), but they do not have a straight lineage in that, and that they were named by this; because they take care of the purity of hearts, consideration of heartfelt deeds, care of asceticism, desire for the Hereafter, and so on. They were called: Sufism.

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Sufism is mostly sects that care about the actions of the hearts, the movements of the hearts, directing the hearts, and the dhikr. So, they became divided into divisions and many sects, each sect claiming that its sheik or imam, and the companion of its path is more important than the others.

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Islamic mysticism meaning:

 what is a Sufi Muslim? It is not known specifically who initiated Sufism in Islam, and it is said that Sufism first appeared in Kufa because of its proximity to Persia, and the influence of Greek philosophy in the era of translation. Ibn Taymiyah says: “The first person known as a Sufi was Abu Hashem al-Kufi in the year 150 AH. Sufism reached its climax at the end of the third century, and Sufism continued to spread in Persia, then Iraq and Morocco, and it emerged from the Sufi orders.

The Sufi faith differs from the doctrine of the Book and Sunnah in many matters, the most important of which are: the source of religious knowledge. The mirror of the heart until the entire unseen appears to the Sufi saint, according to their claim, and by revealing and linking the heart to the Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, from which he derives knowledge. Except for the mystic who is sailing, whose heart is revealed.

the Sunnis differ in their situation about Sufism, the Salafi groups see them as one of the deviant groups from the correct Islam, as they believe that Sufism is the result of Shiism, and the beginning of the matter of the Persian Sufism movement; Those who represent the backbone of Shiism and its sparkling blood, and the great Sufis and theorists are Persians.

While Al-Azhar Al-Sharif did not reject it, the role of Al-Azhar in Sufism did not stop at the limit of support, love, and affiliation only, but rather extended to the dissemination of true Sufism, through several schools that were established to teach the fundamentals of Sufism, including those established in the year 736 AH, and others built by Al-Zahir Baybars. They were preceded by the school founded by Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, and the flags of the scholars and righteous jurists over it.

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First Sufi of Islam:

 To cover the answer to What is a Sufi Muslim? we should mention who is the first Sufis. The First Sufi is Abu Hashem Al Zahid.

He is the first Sufi figure in the Baghdad School: that is what the great Iraqi intellectual, Aziz al-Sayyid Jasim – may Allah rest his soul in peace – told us as he said that Abu Hashem Al Zahid was the first to be called a Sufi.

The sincerity of his Sufism is confirmed through his behavior in his savoring of the Sufi sense, so he is one of those who (combines his knowledge with his behavior, purifying himself from hypocrisy) and he saw knowledge as a means for the servant to get close to Allah, and when he saw a judge or a scholar or a worshiper approaching the people of prestige and authority, it was when he saw One of them on the way says: (I seek refuge in you from the knowledge that does not benefit).

Because (Abu Hashim) believes That Sufism is to gain insight into the secrets of the hearts to fortify them from hypocrisy, and flattery to others.

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