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Is Muslim a religion?

Is Muslim a religion? Islam is a comprehensive religion for all aspects of life, and Islam is defined idiomatically: that it is what Allah Almighty revealed to His Prophet Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – about beliefs, worship, morals, transactions, etc.,  So everything that came from Allah – the Almighty – and His Prophet Muhammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – to organize the life of creation in their relationship with their Lord, or with their Prophet, or with some of them, or with the universe, so it is considered part of Islam.

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What is Muslim?

  • To know the answer to Is Islam a religion. Let’s focus first that Modern history has not known of an attack on Islam, confusing it with the actions of some Muslims, as it witnesses today, and not everything we see or hear is a direct and subjective denunciation.
  • homelands. It is not reasonable to say that all the “others”, especially in the West, do not differentiate between these actions, being a few, and the Islamic religion in its purity, spaciousness, and humanity that kept it, and is still the focus of conviction for millions of people who are at least one-sixth of the globe. Many of them, however, interpret Islam as a passive act of some Muslims and it is fueled by the Western media, as well as our Arab media, which play a role in distorting Islam.

Is Muslim a religion? Let us see

  • Some forget to see the other and expanding picture, forgetting, for example, that Muslims are increasing in number, that Islam as a religion is accepted on the five continents, and it is, as global statistics tell us, that it is the most developed religion among people, and these also forget that “Islamic economic institutions” are One of the largest growing and most sought-after institutions from the international public.
  • Is Muslim a religion? To be a Muslim today is to be in a difficult situation, but it is a situation that motivates us to present Islam with values and actions as it is and as it should be presented, and this is something that doubles the responsibility of the Muslim by following the methods of modern science, and by insisting that the religion is fixed and has rules in worship that do not change,
  • and he urges us to tour hall our strengths, we look into transactions (because you are more knowledgeable about the affairs of your world), which are transactions that have moral rules, including compassion, tolerance, and calling for goodness, and above that all the actions of the mind, the human guide that Islam has exalted in exalting its status.
  • Is Muslim a religion? Or Islam is a religion? It is neither easy nor simple for us to do this because extremism has been left to graze in the minds of young people, and they have become fatter, and because inaction has taken its place in our thoughts, so it has become a common saying that we follow what was said regardless of its adaptation and the implementation of reason in it.
  • However, Islam as a religion and way of life is embraced by more than a billion people on earth today, and it is one of the monotheistic religions recognized even by its opponents. Only we Muslims have to be serious about the works of reason in our life affairs.

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Is Islam monotheistic?


Is Muslim a religion? Islam came to say to people, “Your God is one God, there is no god but He, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.” Perhaps this is all that one should know and believe about monotheism in Islam, but the explanation of this may be long and take many forms. Is Muslim a religion? You can understand the answer from the following:

  • The concept of monotheism in Islam is the belief that God is one in the relationship of man and all creatures to Allah. Allah is the only creator of the universe, life, and man. Allah is the true owner and ruler of these matters therefore, and Allah is the only one who should be worshiped; Because worshiping is directed only to those who deserve to be worshiped, and that is Allah Almighty.
  • Monotheism means believing that there is no god but Allah. that is, there is no creator but Allah, and there is no perfect but Allah; He is the All-Powerful, the Possessor, and the One in Whose hand is everything. monotheism means directing obedience to Allah Almighty alone. monotheism means seeking help and supplication from Allah alone.
  • Monotheism means affirming every attribute of perfection of Allah, Glory be to Him, and denying every attribute that is deficient in Him, the Mighty and Sublime. In the two previous verses “Your God is one God, there is no god but He, the Compassionate, the Most Merciful” and let him say “God is one, God the Eternal, He begets not, nor is He begotten, and there is no one equal to Him.” Allah’s description of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful is confirmed, and He is the Eternal; He was not born, nor was he born, and there is nothing like him.
  • And other things that have been proven in the Qur’an and Sunnah. The reality of religiosity is based on monotheism, as the Holy Quran always links religion with religiosity. Linking the fear of God to monotheism, and linking prayer, zakat, fasting, pilgrimage, ethics, and legislation to monotheism.

C- It is the opposite of polytheistic monotheism. It is the belief in everything that opposes monotheism. And polytheism is the belief that there are creators of the universe, life, and man, and from it is the belief that other than God the Creator deserves to be worshipped. deficiencies, and so on.

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Islam beliefs and practices:


Is Muslim a religion?  Muslims is the follower of Islam religion, and we will try this part of the article to discuss the opponents of Islam.

  • One of the most prominent suspicions that the opponents of Islam do not tire of repeating is the claim that Muslims were, in many periods of their history, using within their methodology to call to their religion, using means of material and moral coercion to force others to accept their ideas and what they call for.
  • Is Muslim a religion? The truth is that Islam laid the foundations for “freedom of belief” guaranteed protection for the practice of its rituals and established relations between Muslims and non-Muslims on tolerance and respect for human dignity and human dignity, not coercion into a religion, belief, or idea.

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  • in an important study entitled “Freedom of Belief between Islamic Sharia and the International Document on Human Rights,” Dr. Ibrahim Al-Anani, former dean of the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University, Egypt, says: “Since the dawn of Islam, attempts to undermine it by its enemies have not ceased, and waves of attacks against it have increased over the years.
  • The latter through failed and rejected attempts to distort the image of the Prophet of Islam, may Allah bless him and grant him peace; On the pretext of freedom of expression, which is used in bad faith, in violation of its proper concept and a departure from its borders as a human right.
  • And he adds, “At the forefront of human rights that prejudices claim to be violated by Islam is the ‘right to freedom of belief’, which is a right confirmed by all international, regional and local human rights status documents or related to them.”

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Is the Quran Islamic:

  • Muslims believe that Quran is the Holy Book of Islam, descended on Muhammad for 23 years, starting with the initial descent into Jebel Harra. After the death of the Prophet, his successors collected this divine revelation in a manuscript.
  • The Quran contains prayers, moral guidance, historical narrative, and promises of heaven. The book begins with a short prayer called Fatiha, the most recited passage, and is divided into 114 descending-arranged chapters. For binding and reading, the Quran manuscripts are often divided into thirty equal parts, called the part.
  • Is Muslim a religion? Each chapter of the Holy Quran (except one chapter) begins with simplicity, the collective name of the prayer “in the name of Allah the Merciful.” Muslims often repeat this phrase at the beginning of an event or mission – before giving a speech, starting a meal, or even taking a bus. He often writes in Allah’s linear name on both religious and secular objects.

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