The Book Of Quran In Islam

The Book Of Quran In Islam Murouj Academy

The Book of Quran in Islam


What is the Quran in Islam:

  • The book of the Quran in Islam is the essence of Islam; it is the book sent from Allah to our Prophet Muhammed in order to guide us. To perform the Islamic prayers or salah, all Muslims must be able to read and understand the Quran.
  • This brings all Muslims closer to Allah and gives them the chance to learn many important lessons and messages that Allah wants to convey; in addition, the book of Quran in Islam is the most significant Muslim book in that it serves as a guide for all Muslims and the most reliable source for Islamic teachings.
  • There are several advantages to memorizing the Qur’an, but perhaps the most significant advantage is that doing so will direct you toward the path that will enable you to triumph both in this life and the next.
  • Millions of people worldwide are trying to learn the book of the Quran in Islam, whether they have recently converted to Islam or have been Muslims in the past but want to understand the Quran better or memorize it.
  • Others learn the Quran online with tajweed in order to be able to recite the Quran correctly with the proper punctuation and pronunciation.
  • One of the most efficient ways to learn the Quran is to enroll in online Quran sessions for beginners at an online Quran academy.


Who actually wrote the Quran:

  • The Quran was revealed by Allah to the prophet Muhammed through Gabriel over a period of 23 years in which the Quran was not revealed in a written form, which triggers the question of how did the prophet receive the Quran?
  • The fact that the prophet did not know how to read and write because he was unschooled; is a miracle, and proves that the Quran is definitely not man written.
  • The Prophet Muhammed narrated the Quranic verses to people, and there were literate people who wrote down what the Prophet narrated, those people were known as “Khattab al wahy” which means writers of the revelation,
  • the prophet asked them to write the book of the Quran in Islam in order to preserve Allah’s words after all the Quranic verses were written down throughout the 23 years that the revelation was being sent off by the Prophet Muhamed;they were all compiled into one book which is the book of Quran in Islam.


Meaning of Quran:

  • As mentioned, the book of Quran in Islam is the Islamic sacred book; in order for people to grow closer to Allah and Islam they need to not only read Quran but also understand it; because everything in the Quran has a meaning.all chapters and all verses in the Quran are sent by Allah to people in order to guide them to the right path that will help them be good Muslims.
  • For this reason, Muslims learn Quran; some learn Quran online, and others memorize Quran online.
  • Online Quran courses for beginners have a lot of advantages.
  • Its convenience is one of its main advantages. You may typically pick the time of day you wish to take classes from the convenience of your home. People who work or have other commitments throughout the day will find this to be extremely beneficial.
  • The fact that they are typically quite economical is another advantage of taking Quran studies online. There are numerous reasons why online Quran teaching is an excellent alternative for anyone looking to learn about Islam, and online Quran sessions for beginners are among them.
  • It is more practical than conventional in-person classes, for starters.
  • It also has a greater selection of courses and is more reasonably priced. Online Quran instruction is one of its best features. Students have the freedom to study when and how they want.
  • They can select from a variety of courses, so they can discover one that meets their requirements and piques their interests. Online Quran instruction is also quite affordable, which makes it a fantastic choice for individuals on a limited budget.


The Quran book in English:

  • The Quran verses were translated into 114 languages, and there are 47 complete translated books.
  • Some beginners might need to read the Quran in English first in order to be able to gain a better understanding of the holy Quran so that they would be able to start learning the Quran in Arabic.


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