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Islam Religion Age:

Over 1.8 billion people worldwide practice Islam, making it one of the most popular religions. It is a monotheistic religion that holds that there is only one God. Muslims consider Muhammad to be God’s final prophet and the Quran to be the last word on what Allah wills.


Islam Religion, History:

  • Islam is a monotheistic religion that originated in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century CE. The Islamic faith is based on the belief in one God (Allah) and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Muslims believe that Muhammad is the final prophet in a line of prophets that includes Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. The central texts of Islam are the Quran, which is considered the word of God, and the Hadith, which are the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Prophet Muhammed received his first revelation from Allah from the archangel Gabriel which was sura 96 in the Quran; “Recite in the name of thy Lord …”. All of prophet Muhammed’s revelations were gathered to create the Islamic Holy book, which is the Quran. Ever since the prophet received his revelation his followers started spreading Islam. When the Prophet Muhammad had a series of revelations from God that were recorded in the Quran.
  • Muhammad began preaching these revelations to others, and soon a community of believers began to form. The Islamic community expanded rapidly, and by the time of Muhammad’s death in 632 CE, Islam had spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula.
  • The Islam religion age is very rich and has had a significant impact on the world. The Islamic Golden Age was a period of great scientific, technological, and cultural achievement. Muslim scholars made significant contributions in fields such as mathematics, medicine, and astronomy. The Islamic world also produced great works of art and architecture.
  • Today, there are over 1.98 billion Muslims worldwide, making Islam one of the largest religions in the world, and the fastest-growing religion. Islam is a growing religion, with Muslims projected to make up over 30% of the global population by 2050.


Islam facts:

  • Muslims follow the 5 Islamic pillars, which are the five basic tenets of the Islamic faith. These Islamic five pillars are: faith (belief in God), prayer, giving charity, fasting during Ramadan, and making the pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • As Quran is the Islamic Holy book, many Muslims are keen on learning and memorizing Quran, as it is considered an act of good deed which brings you closer to Allah. This is why many Muslims resort to Quran memorization courses online.
  • The majority of Muslims in the globe speak Arabic, which is also the official language of many nations where Muslims make up the majority of the population. Arabic is not only the language of the Holy Quran and worship; Muslims also use it in daily life. Additionally, Arabic is so essential to Islam for a variety of reasons, it is the heart of the Islamic religion.
  • First of all, Islam’s holy book, the Quran, is written in Arabic. The majority of Muslims are aware that the Quran serves as a manual for religious and moral behavior and that it is the message of Allah. Arabic is utilized in Muslim prayers and other religious rites. Many Arabic Muslim intellectuals have written on a variety of subjects during the Islam religion age that is used in the Islamic culture, including theology, law, philosophy, and science in Arabic, and they continue to do so today.


Islam Beliefs and Practices:

Ever since the Islam religion age began, Muslims try to protect their beliefs and practices throughout the ages and years. Starting from the Islamic prayers to the small beautiful Islamic practices. There are basic beliefs in Islam, which are known as the pillars of faith:

  1. Believing in Allah, which is known as Tawheed
  2. Believing in Allah’s angels or mala’ekah
  3. Believing in all the books of Allah
  4. Believing in Allah’s prophets
  5. Believing in the day of judgment
  6. Believing in predestination


How did Islam Spread?

  • In the Islam religion age, Islam began to spread beyond the Arabian Peninsula in the 630s CE, shortly after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslim armies conquered Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and North Africa. By the 8th century CE, Islam had spread to Spain, India, and Central Asia.
  • During the Islam religion age, the spread of Islam was often due to Muslim armies conquering new territories. However, there were also times when Muslims converted people to Islam without conquering. For example, many people in Southeast Asia converted to Islam because Muslim traders introduced them to the Islamic faith in the Islam religion age times.

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