Islam And Essential Needs

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What Is Islam and Essential Needs?

Islam came to complete the previous Divine religions and faith on earth. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu `Alayhi wa  Sallam (may Allah exalt his mention) (may Allah exalt his mention) completed the missions of the previous Prophets, and may Allah exalt their mention. This is proven by what the Prophet said that he was sent to perfect good manners and to complete everything that was offered before him and to reform manners in all aspects of life

Islam and essential needs

Islam provides the basic needs of man on earth and works hard to secure his rights. It builds up an individual’s faith by making him understand that Allah is his Creator, he is a human being who is not superior or inferior to others, he has been created for greatness and nobility.

Islam and essential needs

In Islam, there is a concept called Jihaad which means fighting in the path of God, or struggle. It has sometimes been translated as “jihad” and has been interpreted to mean holy war and applied as such by terrorists who kill innocent civilians and children. But that is not the true meaning of jihad.

Islam and essential needs

Jihaad is established, Allah knows best, because of the fact that there have been conflicts and differences among humans throughout history. Moreover, good and evil have always co-existed in societies all over the world throughout history. Therefore, Jihaad was founded and defined in order to stop tyranny and remove tyrant rulers, who deviate from Allah’s Path and the code of life that He laid down for man to follow. Jihaad is also laid down in order to stop people from worshipping other people and false deities.

Islam and essential needs

The Islamic religion is the religion of all human beings, and it does not differentiate between color, race, or language and does not discriminate between any peoples. In this regard, the Prophet (peace be upon him) informed us that Islam has no geographic boundaries. Therefore, the possibilities of Jihaad are open to all so long as they are in an area where Islam has been established or their lives are under threat.

Islam and essential needs

Islam has a message for the entire humanity. Islam has the most comprehensive code of morals and ethics for people in every walk of life. Islam laid down the principles of justice, fairness, equality, freedom, prosperity, success, and truthfulness for man on earth. Jihaad has not been laid down to force people against their will to join Islam; rather it is a tool and mechanism to help spread the religion of monotheism, justice, and equality to the entire world. After the various peoples receive the message, it is up to them to accept Islam as a way of life or choose otherwise.”

Islam and essential needs

The directive principle of cementing relationships between government and people is based on peace. Yet, Allah Almighty laid down the foundations of Jihaad in Islam for a special reason and purpose. There is a major difference between the terms “Jihaad” and “War”. Jihaad, as interpreted and understood in Islam, is not a “Holy War” as described in the Western media; rather, it is an honorable ‘struggle’ against the enemies of Allah Almighty who reject His Word and faith in Him and His religion of Islam.

Islam and essential needs

1-Defense of life, property, and national boundaries

And it is based on the holy text of “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors.” [Quran 2: 190]


2- Removing oppression and preserving the just rights of the oppressed people.


If a group of people lay down arms and negotiate with the Islamic government, on a basis of the Ahkaam of Islam, the state has no authority to maintain Jihaad against them. It becomes unlawful then for Muslims to continue to fight in Jihaad against the troops of the other side of the confronted party ceases their fire and ask for peace


Islam sets no time limit on the value of life or on the freedom to decide one’s destiny. Islam grants men and women total independence over their lives, their property, and family matters. The state is not allowed to interfere in such matters unless they are based on a proven necessity that promotes justice and fairness among people


Islam forbids all types of wars that aim at land expansion and colonial interests, or revenge. Islam allowed fighting against enemies only when there was no other option but laid out clear rules of conduct which included not killing civilians or innocents. It also forbade attacking doctors and medical staff or destroying hospitals


Islam prohibits killing a wounded man in a battle and forbids mutilating the bodies and organs of deceased enemy fighters. It also forbids the killing of cattle or any type of animals found with the enemies, destroying houses of innocent people, and polluting drinking water, or rivers of water on the battlefield. What’s more, Islam prohibits chasing people who flee the battlefield.
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