Thinking Well Of Others Relieves The Heart

Thinking Well Of Others Relieves The Heart Murouj Academy

Thinking well of others relieves the heart and makes one happy, as it protects him from worrying thoughts that disturb his peace of mind and exhaust his body. Thinking well of others strengthens the ties of cordiality and love among people, and frees their hearts from hatred and rancor.


The behavior and characteristics of the early Muslims are a witness to this fact. Allah has praised them for this, may He be pleased with them, in His Book and has chosen them as a model for all peoples until the Day of Judgment. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said to the believers: “You are one soul; when one of you does something, all do it.” They would stand shoulder to shoulder against their enemies



There are many ways that a Muslim can be thinking well of others:




Supplicating to Allah the Almighty is the gate to every goodness. The Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa Sallam (may Allah exalt his mention), would ask his Lord to grant him a sound heart. A sound heart is one that follows His Commandments and abstains from His prohibitions. Therefore, thinking well of others can also be a gateway to great rewards as it will relieve you from the negative thoughts that may result in anger and envy


Putting Oneself in the Place of Others:


If each one of us puts himself in the place of his brother when the latter does or says something, this will help him think well of others.

Interpreting the Words of Others in the Best Possible Way


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Do not think ill of a word that your believing brother utters as long as it can be interpreted in a good way.” We should always consider our brother’s intentions and make sure that we do not offend them with our words or deeds.


 Making Excuses for Others


The one who wishes to protect his heart from grief and torment should find excuses for others, just as the Prophet (peace be upon him) did. If you come across a person who has harmed you with either a word or deed, try your best to make seventy excuses for him. If there is nothing that justifies his actions, then say that there might be another thing not known by you.


Thinking Well Of Others

Abstaining from Judging the Intentions of Others


It is part of the greatness of man that he can think well of others, and no one knows how much he has been saved from harm by this virtue. However, there are some people who have gone beyond it: they have exceeded the right limit, and thus have also exceeded their own good and increased their evil, as a consequence.


Recalling the Harmful Consequences of Evil Assumptions


Thinking well of others is a major value that is associated with bringing happiness to people and peace of mind. Islam came to eliminate the feeling of animosity between people because thinking well of others feeling inclines to hatred and consequently violence, be it physical or verbal. This kind of thinking leads one down the wrong path and exposes him to the wrath of Allah the Exalted.


It is the duty of every Muslim to love for the sake of Allah and to show affection and mercy to their brothers and sisters. They should not hate anyone for any reason, and neither should they let any feelings of enmity exist in their hearts against anyone at all. Muslims are commanded to love the creation of Allah and command them to do good; hating someone would be impossible if one truly loves them. The Qur’an has ordered us to treat people well, even those who do not believe in Islam or other religions. The Prophet said: “Verily Allah loves those who come close (to others with kindness and affection), likes those who remember Him often, those who visit His mosques, bow down in prayer and prostrate humbly.” He also said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not harm his neighbor.
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