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Why The Quran And Community Are Important?

The Quran has been used as a guide in all these sectors in many ways. With the help of the Quran, we have managed to reach our goals. The impact of the Quran on the community is also immense. It has reached every aspect of our lives from the way we dress up to our eating habits, social behavior, and how we see things or hear about them or interact with different people in this world. It also gives guidelines for happiness and peace through its teachings

The Quran and Community:
The community has always been a major part of the human experience. It is something that exists in all of us and is a basic, intuitive desire that we were born with. The community can be found everywhere; it thrives in residential neighborhoods, it comes alive at work, and it flourishes in religious contexts too.

The Quran and Community:
As a result, the common good has become something of an alien concept to many individuals. They see it as a luxury they cannot afford and at best as an attempt to deprive them of their rights, An Islamic View of the Nation-State is an account of how Islam has contributed to the rise and fall of various civilizations and social systems throughout history. humanistic values were harnessed within a framework centered upon God’s guidance; this set the foundation for an Islamic sound community.

The Quran and Community:
The Quran shows that the loss of community has a profound effect, especially on children. In many cases, the community as it was known in the past has disintegrated, leaving children with fewer and fewer positive role models to emulate and imitate.
What separates the Quran from other religious texts is its focus on community. Principles like Tawheed and belief in a single, supreme God are described in detail, but the mission of establishing a community of people who can live their lives according to these principles is also emphasized throughout the text.

The Quran and Community:
Is it a one-of-a-kind academic work on the life and mission of Muhammad, Islam’s final messenger? And how the Prophet Muhammad was a reflection of Allah’s mercy towards His creation, how he became loved by people as a result of that mercy, and how we too can become loved by others for similar reasons.

The Quran and Community:
The example of a believer who does not recite the Qur’an but acts on it is like a date that tastes good but has no smell. As for one who neither recites the Qur’an nor acts on it, then it is like a tom-tom which sounds good but has no benefit.” This Hadeeth warns us against studying things that are not beneficial in this world or in the Hereafter, i.e., things that are unnecessary, such as immorality and disbelief – even though they may be disguised as “knowledge.”

The Quran and Community:
In Islam, girls and boys have the same rights to education. The boys learn religious sciences, arithmetic, reading and writing, drawing and writing. There are serious implications in raising each group according to the needs of natural disposition. According to this teaching curricula for boys and girls must be the same; otherwise, it would be like shoe factories producing only one model. Bringing together the educational programs for boys and girls is the height of folly and ignorance.

Our religion has a comprehensive and complete system for the upbringing of girls. The major source for this is education in the form of teaching, counseling, and advice. This is because an educational process that only strives to provide theoretical religious knowledge, without practical application and meaning, will not help develop the personality

The Quran and Community:
Is an essential work of Islamic studies that reveals the social forces at work in the construction of Islamic norms and institutions. Drawing on a wealth of primary sources, exploring how Qur’anic discourse became the basis for new social hierarchies. In doing so, it challenges the view that traditional Muslim society was static and authoritarian while offering a more nuanced understanding of Islamic history.

A community that is aware of its responsibility before God will ensure that the belief in Allah will preserve its integrity and identity. This, in turn, is bound to make it self-sufficient in every aspect of life, while saving it from all forms of destruction and evil.

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