The Best Reciters Of Quran In Islamic World

The Best Reciters Of Quran In Islamic World Murouj Academy

The Best Reciters Of Quran:

A Qari means in the Arabic language ” the one who recites Qur’an with proper Tajweed rules and nice voice”. Its plural in Arabic is (“qurraa” قراء). To be a Qari’, you do not need to memorize the Quran but, it is preferred. The quadrumvirate of Abdul-Basit, El Minshawy, Mustafa Ismail, and Al-Hussary are considered according to most of the Islamic world the most famous reciters of modern times as they had a great influence on the Islamic world. Here is a list of the best reciters of Quran.
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  • Muhammad ibn Tayfour Sajawandi one of the best reciters of Quran (died at 560 Ah).He is known for his contributions to the Islamic science of Recitation and Tajweed, creating a set of rules and markers used to indicate the pronunciation and pauses of Quranic recital, known as Sajawandi stop signs or Rumuz al-Awqaf as-Sajāwandīy                                                         


In Egypt, the senior reader of the Quran is known as Shaykh al-Maqari which means the head of reciting schools and who Presents the best reciters of Quran.

-you can listen to a sample recitation of every Qari’ by clicking on their names and listen to the best reciters of Quran.


*click on every Qari’ name to listen to his recitation

Saudi reciters

*click on every Qari name to listen to his recitation


These are the best reciters of Quran and these are all the names of Qurraa we managed to collect on this list. undoubtedly, there are a lot of other great reciters. If you would like to recite Quran beautifully and smoothly with proper Tajweed rules like these reciters, join our Tajweed course through this link
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