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Children’s Talent of Memorization

How can children learn better and more easily? This study investigates the efficacy of children’s memory in relation to learning at all levels, from preschool to university. Children’s memorization ability is not just a simple function of age; instead, it depends on both biological and environmental factors.


What should our children memorize?

Many Muslim children today do not memorize the Quran and beneficial knowledge, although this talent is a gift from Allah. The memorization of the Quran and prophetic narrations benefits the child in many ways; it helps to develop the child’s ability to concentrate and focus. It encourages him or her to follow the Prophet (peace be upon him), who used to devote his entire time to worshiping and calling others to do so. Children who remember much of what they hear realize that they are not wasting their time because they will later benefit from these memories even after they leave school. Some others do not realize the great capabilities of the child’s memory; hence, they do not utilize this talent in a useful way that enriches their minds


Memorization of the Book of Allah (Qur’an) is an act of worship that has numerous benefits for the Muslim child. Yet it is shocking how few Muslim parents take advantage of this great bounty and opportunity. The Qur’an has infinite wisdom and benefits for Muslims, but unfortunately, most Muslims do not benefit from it due to a lack of knowledge or motivation.


To put in order the things that the child should memorize, the priorities are as follows:


The Noble Quran:

The method of memorization is to repeat verses from the surahs over and over again until they are mastered. Children as young as two years old can start this process. The reward for this is not limited to the children; it extends to the parents who help their children to learn the Book of Allah the Almighty, and this benefits them more than memorizing hadith or other texts on religion.



The Prophet’s Hadeeth:

Memorization enables man to memorize the Qur’an and the Prophet’s Ahadeeth. It also helps his understanding of them, since he will try to understand and interpret the meanings which are embodied in these two sources of guidance, the Qur’an and Sunnah.


Ankara and supplications:

It is well known that children memorize the supplications and daily Athkaar with great ease. This ability is due to their sharp minds, which retain words easily. They also have a shorter memory span than adults, and so can learn many supplications in a short time.

Meaningful poetry and Islamic Nasheeds:


The child memorizes poems and rhymes to preserve them, and with it his memory capacity increases. Some children refuse to memorize a single line of poetry even if they are adults. Children are different from adults; their minds are still in development and they are not suitable for memorizing full verses. However, they can memories some meaningful poetry and short poems selected from genuine Arabic poetry. This will develop the child’s eloquence, and raise the spirit of enthusiasm in his soul toward religion and affiliation with Allah, His Messenger (peace be upon him), and other things besides them.


Another point is that there is no harm if the child memorizes some meaningful Islamic Nasheeds (songs). It might enable him to memorize some of them. Hence, there is no difference between these two pieces of information. All praise be to Allah! You should know that this kind of entertainment enlivens the hearts and prevents them from being bored; it also cleanses their souls from dirt and impurities. Hence, we encourage children to watch Islamic programs, especially those which are concerned with the Prophetic tradition (hadith), because these programs can benefit them a lot in terms of learning more about religion and acquiring its practical aspect.


When can the child memorize?

Children are known to have a natural ability to memorize. They can do so at an early age, even before the age of three. Experts say that the period where children are most receptive to memorization is from five years old to fifteen years old. During this time, their brains are building connections and new connections between neurons at a rapid pace.


Reward the child for memorization


The child should have the best attitude toward learning and memorizing the Quran. This can be achieved by teaching him how to read and recite the words of God Almighty in a beautiful manner, praising his progress, encouraging him to recite before other people, and allowing him to repeat what he recited while still memorizing it, and giving him gifts or money as rewards. Salah Ad-Deen Al-Ayyoobi (Saladin) once said: “If Allah Almighty was to include all people in reward for teaching their children, parents would be given a great reward by having done so.”


Obstacles of memorization

Memorization is not just talent; it is an invaluable skill that can be used to effectively learn and retain knowledge. It can also lead to an interest in learning, especially among children and young people. Use these tips to help your son or daughter memorize information more effectively!


The father has to keep his child away from all forms of sins, whether attending them, watching them, or listening to them, let alone falling into committing them. According to Ibn al-Qayyim may Allah have mercy upon him in his book Al-Jawaab al-Kaafi, sins spoil the mind. The mind has a special light and that light will be turned off by sins. When this light is switched off, the formidability of the mind weakens and decreases. Hence it becomes easy for him to commit sins more frequently and even more wickedly than others.


Parents should take care to ensure that their children’s talents are developed and directed in the best manner. The child’s intelligence, or anything else for that matter, should not be wasted by taking advantage of his or her abilities in a way that is contrary to his or her nature and Islamic teachings.

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