Benefit Of Zakat And Sadaqah

Great Benefit Of Zakat And Sadaqah Murouj Academy

The meaning of sadaqah:


Sadaqah has several meanings. The most common translation, however, is charity. Another meaning is a little gift or something that one gives to another without expecting anything in return.

The benefit of zakah and Sadaqah is that it stops the wastefulness of wealth in the wealthy people’s hands, and stops poverty to continue since they are forbidden to force those who do not have anything to pay them (zakat); If a rich person gives charity (Sadaqat) or gives his money as an offering then he is given a reward by Allah.

There is no doubt that giving money to the poor and needy is one of the most important Islamic duties. It brings happiness both to the giver and receiver, and it helps in strengthening the bond between them. Both parties will benefit from each other as they are united on this basis alone. What could be better than sharing your wealth with those who have nothing of their own?

The main benefits of giving Charity are that it purifies the soul and removes evil deeds, helps the poor and needy, and makes life easy throughout one’s life as well as after death.

If you are asking yourself, where can I give sadaqah, it is recommended to be given to the poor or charity helps a person to grow mentally and spiritually. When we stand out of our comfort zones, to help others, we are challenging ourselves. It shows us that we have more than enough for ourselves and that wealth does not bring happiness. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and pride because we are helping people who need it most.

One of the things that Allah gives respect to is helping people and giving charity. And this is when you have a hard time giving to charity. Referring to giving money, he said a sadaqah hadith: “Give Sadaqat and be content with it on the Day of Resurrection.”


How to give sadaqah for illness?

It is a way to give sadaqah when the person is sick, It could be done in many ways, like giving money or medicine with good intentions or going to visit them at their home or hospital. You can also do it for illness by praying regularly for them and giving salutations to Allah often on their behalf.  

The Prophet ﷺ said, “The best sadaqah is that which one gives to his relative, those of his family, and needy people.” A man asked him, “What if I do not have any close relations?” The Prophet replied, “Then give it to your neighbor who is poor.” Another man asked, “And if he does not find any?” The Prophet replied, “Then give it to any Muslim brother in need. 


Prophet Mohamed ﷺ said that sadaqah is the best of all acts of ibadah. It strengthens our Iman, purifies one’s heart, and also keeps him safe from mischief.


Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said that the one who gives expecting a reward, Allah will reward him. And the one who gives in charity and conceals his good work and makes it public, Allah will make his action secret and it will be written down as its reward

The Muslim should give Sadaqah as much as Allah wants, but he should not give more than that. If a person gives more, then it is good, but if he gives less, he will not be blamed because it is between both of these amounts. If a person asks whether he should give it, the answer is yes, because if he does not give then there is no reward for him and if he gives then there is a reward for him whether it be small or large. The Prophet Muhammad said, “The one who gives a needy person a pittance is rewarded just like the one who is the one who gives it.”

There is the possibility that you start giving Sadaqah with money to the needy and once you have gathered enough you may give them some of your time or effort. You might also consider providing shelter and food to people in need.

Ways to give the best sadaqah:


  • It could be money or property, time or talent. You can give sadaqah to those close to you and even strangers who may be in need. Giving it to the poor is preferred over giving it to rich people, but if there is no needy person around then it is okay to give it to someone who is wealthy.
  • There are many places where you can give sadaqah charity and there are lots of ways to do it. Giving charity is a good deed, so you want to choose the charity that you can afford, is in need of funds, and whose projects support your beliefs and values.
  • You can give money, food, and clothing directly to the people that need it. You can also give money directly to an organization that is providing assistance to needy people.
  • Giving charity during the month of Ramadan, – Feeding or supporting the poor or needy ones, etc.
  • The Quran discusses sadaqah throughout – making it a major Islamic contribution to the world. It is a form of charity that relies on personal good deeds and can be performed at any time. And it has been mentioned too many times in its chapters 
  • you can give sadaqah for someone else as well. However, there are conditions attached to it. You need to have knowledge about the person for whom you are giving it and should make sure that his (her) wealth status is in accordance with your sadaqah.
  • you can give sadaqah to cure illness. It is one of the best ways to seek a cure. One of the most important means to seek a cure from Allah is giving in charity. Charity is one of the greatest forms of worship, giving something that you own in order to increase your reward with Allah.

The best sadaqah is that which one likes and gives away while hoping to gain the pleasure of Allah and the importance of Sadaqah is that it can be one of the best deeds that you do to help, improve and guide those who need it. It is sincerely given to a person in need, whether it improves their situation or helps them spiritually by increasing their belief in Allah.

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