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Marriage in Islam


Islam is a religion that has always placed a strong emphasis on the institution of marriage. Marriage in Islam is not just a simple contract between two people; it is a sacred bond that is meant to last a lifetime. There are many reasons why marriage is so important in Islam, but some of the most important ones are that it helps to promote stability and peace in society, and it is a way to protect the rights of women and children.


The Importance of Marriage in Islam


One of the most important reasons why marriage is so highly valued in Islam is that it helps to promote stability and peace in society. Stable family life is a foundation upon which a strong and prosperous society is built. When families are strong and stable, it leads to less crime, fewer social problems, and a more positive overall atmosphere in the community.

Marriage is also a way to protect the rights of women and children. In Islam, women are given certain rights and protections that are not always available to them in other societies. For example, Muslim women are allowed to own property, keep their own earnings, and have a say in how their families are run. Children born to Muslim parents are also automatically considered Muslim and are thus entitled to all of the rights and protections that come with that status.


The Role of Women in Marriage in Islam


While Islamic marriage is often seen as a way to protect the rights of women, it is important to note that women are not seen as inferior to men in Islam. In fact, Islam teaches that men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah and that each has their own unique role to play in society.

In a Muslim marriage, it is the husband’s responsibility to provide for his family financially, while the wife’s role is to take care of the home and raise the children. Although these roles may seem traditional, they are actually based on the principle of mutual respect and cooperation. By working together, husband and wife can create a long loving, and stable home life for their children.


Muslim Wedding and Ceremonies in Islam


Muslim weddings are known to be beautiful events that take place in order to celebrate the couple’s commitment to each other and their new life together. Muslim weddings could have many different shapes and forms depending on the culture that the couple comes from, as each culture celebrates in a different way; however, the basis of the wedding should be almost the same.

Marriage in Islam is very important to celebrate regardless of how the celebration is going to be, having a wedding is essential, as one of the main purposes of Muslim weddings is to publicly announce the couple’s marriage among people.


Islamic marriage contract & Islamic marriage rules


Marriage in Islam is known to be both a legal contract and a social agreement; therefore, in any Islamic marriage, there has to be a contract that documents the marriage of a couple. There are certain conditions for the Islamic marriage contract; firstly consent, in which both the bride and the groom need to say that they accept and are willing to marry each other. There also needs to be two witnesses, one for the bride and another for the groom. In addition, the mahr or the bridal gift is required to be mentioned in the marriage contract; it could be any valuable asset such as money, property, or jewelry.


Temporary Marriage in Islam

Temporary marriage is considered haram and is prohibited in Islam, for various reasons; it does not include the presence of witnesses and does not fulfill one of the most important purposes of Islamic marriage which are publicly announcing the marriage of the couple, and it also does not have a fixed time or duration for the marriage.

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