10 Manners Of Reading The Quran

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What Is The 10 Manners Of Reading The Quran?

Allah SWT has made the Holy Quran a sacred and revered book. It is the 4th and Final Heavenly Manuscript, which was revealed over a 23-year period to the Last Prophet Muhammad. It stands as an essential guide for all of humanity, guiding them through life with its teachings on how to practice Taqwa. The Holy Quran is a universal form of literary expression that has been passed from generation to generation through oral tradition in a variety of forms. Some passages of the Quran have been lost in transmission while others have been recorded by scribes, but none have rivaled its beauty and logic


The Blessed Quran is the only book that has remained authentic from the time of its revelation to the present day. It is a miracle of the highest grade, with no changes in its text, style, and grammar despite the passage of 1400 years. The Creator of the Universe declares in the above-mentioned Ayah that He is the Sole Author of this wonderful form of Revelation and that He will defend it.


As a Muslim, you are expected to reading the Quran and obey its commands. This includes learning to read your own Holy Book in a way that is pleasing to Allah SWT, and at the same time non-creedal. The following sections discuss some of the more important aspects of reading the Holy Quran.


The following are some of the most important aspects of reading the Quran:

– Sincerity & Clear Intentions:

The scholars and students of the Quran mention many qualities which help increase the rewards of reading and understanding the Holy Quran. Among these qualities are sincerity and reading the Quran from a pure heart, because it is only Allah (SWT) who draws one closer to Him.


– Being in a State of Cleanliness and Wudu:

Personal cleanliness is an important part of a Muslim’s worship. It should be practiced before reciting the Quran. Cleanliness was emphasized by Prophet Muhammad and he said “Cleanliness is half of faith”


– Sitting in a Respectful Place and Behaving Respectfully:

Because of the high level of respect that is required in order to read the Quran with sincerity, one must sit in a good and upright position which reflects the proper level of respect required for this Divine Book. Furthermore, one must sit in a respectful and devout manner while holding the Holy Quran in their hands in order to demonstrate the spiritual energy that emits from God’s Revelation in such a way as to restore hearts, minds, and souls while renewing hope among mankind through remembrance of God’s Signs in His Book.

– Holding the Sacred Book in my Right Hand:

When you reading the Quran, remember that you are reading an unparalleled book. The Lord of all creation revealed it to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who delivered it with great wisdom, as part of his mission to guide us. Because it is only by God’s grace that we can understand its meaning, it is our duty to show love and respect toward the words within this divine book


-Put the Quran in a High Position:

The Holy Quran is the word of Allah, so it should not be treated with disrespect. When reading the Quran, you should always keep your back straight, sit in a clean and pure place, and use a special cushion in which to leave open while reading the Quran.


– Recite in a Lovely Tone:

Remember that you are reading the Lord’s Book, the Quran, and should be mindful of your tone and volume when reciting it. Your voice should be clear and loud enough to be heard by other people in the room. However, it should not break the rules of Tajweed or make it difficult for others to follow along. Similarly, reading all at once can prevent you from understanding each verse. Instead, read each ayah carefully so that you can better understand what you are reading.


-Seeking Refuge with Allah upon Starting Recitation:

If you’re starting from the middle of a Surah, merely read” Isti’aza “; if you’re starting from the beginning, read both” Isti’aza” and” Basmala.” If Satan is resisting your recitation, it behooves you to recite two duas in which the book has taught us to seek refuge with Allah: “Audhu Billahi mina-Shaitan-nir-Rajeem,” says Isti’aza. (From Satan, the Accursed, I seek refuge with Allah.) “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim,” says Basmala. (In God’s name, most kind and compassionate.)


-Avoiding Talking While Reciting the Quran:

There are certain rules which need to be followed while reading the Quran. One should not read the Scripture in a location where there is heavy traffic or noise around. It is also important to not discuss worldly matters while reading the Holy Book of Allah SWT as this act might lead to satanic influence.


-Follow Tajweed rules:

Reading the Quran is a great way to find peace and comfort. But reading it as it should be read—using the correct pronunciation and Tajweed—can bring you even greater levels of peace and tranquility.


-Praise Allah SWT:

As we all read this holy book it’s not necessary that you are reading it in the seclusion of a room. It is always advised to read this great book with its formalities and manners as well because these ethics makes reading the books more holy, more dignified and enhance your moral values tremendously
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