How To Read The Noble Quran

How To Read The Noble Quran Murouj Academy

The Great Noble Quran

How To Read The Noble Quran?

It is to be noted that it is required by the Shariah that the person who reads or listens to a verse from the Noble Quran should understand it because this was one of the purposes for which Allah sent down the Quran; therefore, it is not proper for him to recite or listen without understanding its meaning.

it is Sunnah to read the Quran with who and in a clean place, it is also sunnah to put one’s right hand over the left on their chest exposing palms when reading the Quran

Brush your teeth with a wooden tooth stick (Siwak), remove food particles from between them and freshen your mouth before reciting.

If you cough up mucus or phlegm while reciting, wash your mouth out with water and continue reciting. If you yawn while reading, stop reading; when the prayer is over, make supplication and ask God to help you keep your mind attentive during the prayer.

Seeking refuge in Allah from the accursed Devil, which we are about to read and repeat several times, before beginning any task is a form of protection from the evil eye. Reading the Noble Quran is a great blessing and its reward is with Allah. It was not revealed to make you bored or cause you to become weary.

Seclusion is of paramount importance, for it was practiced by the Prophet and all his Companions, who would never interrupt their reading at the time of seclusion. They knew that the Devil prowls around the one who enters into a state of seclusion with Allah to recite the Quran, trying to abort or invalidate his effort.

The noble Qur’an has been revealed to the Prophet in a very clear style and language. To read it with understanding, one must recite it slowly without haste, distinctly pronouncing each letter.

When reading the Noble Quran, try to comprehend what is being said in every verse. The subject which you are reading may be understood in your mind but if you do not comprehend the meaning how can you understand the message or lesson delivered by Allah? Do not only read the words but try to understand them.

We pause at verses that promise Allah’s favor, long for Allah Most High, and ask for His bounty. In verses that warn of His punishment, we ask for His protection from it. If a verse makes us smile or laugh, we smile or laugh. By the blessing of this book, you will be able to learn its meaning with ease from every verse.

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