Following Islam Is The Direct Way To Paradise

Following Islam Is The Direct Way To Paradise Murouj Academy

The Direct Way To Paradise

As Allah says in the Holy Quran “Whoever desires another religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him”. What is very important is that we live according to what we claim to believe, and not just claim to be Muslim.

Therefore, your purpose in life should be striving to understand and implement Islamic teachings into your life so that you can benefit from them in this world with success and happiness and be on the direct way to paradise.

If You’ve decided to start studying the Quran. But you’re not quite sure where to start. Don’t worry, there are online Quran teaching articles that will help you through that process. Also, there are many ways to study the Quran. You can memorize passages from it, read and recite them daily, or simply listen to them being recited on the radio. One of the most rewarding things about studying the Quran is seeing how Allah continues to help you understand His words and guides you towards His way of life the direct way to paradise.

The Quran is a vital book to learn. It often comes with great life lessons and values.  Learning Quran for adults is not hard especially if you have a map and clear instructions on how you should do it.

Learning Quran for adults can be strenuous, even for those who have good intentions to read the holy Qur’an and learn its lessons. It is very important for us to follow some good methods in order to fully understand the whole message of Allah because it is the direct way to paradise. Therefore, you must have an effective method to learn, memorize, and recite it properly.


Using a planner could help in memorizing Quran


You can also use Qur’an Planner which is a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use application designed specifically to help you memorize the Quran and make plans that are easy to follow. Qur’an planner is compatible across multiple platforms, you no longer need to worry about missing a prayer. As it could remind you so you do not miss any recitation.


Learning the Quran help in learning Arabic as well.


You will not believe how is Quran teaches you the science of Tafseer and it helps you to read Quranic Texts in the Arabic language, to learn Quran in an easy way and fast and if you are asking yourself how to learn Quran fast we recommend to you to be with a guide or teacher if you are looking for ways to learn Quran fast, then this guide will help you of simple steps that will help you understand various aspects related to learning Quran like Quranic recitation, memorization, and repetition.



Do you know Quraan page numbers and chapters!.


Some people are afraid of the Quraan language and how many pages are in Quraan also the long time of memorizing them The Quran is split into 114 chapters, which are called suras. Within this collection of chapters, there are 6,236 verses, or ayats. The average length of each chapter varies depending on the number of verses in it, but the longest chapter has 286 verses whereas the shortest is only three verses long. but once you start learning and memorizing them the way will be shortened and everything turns into an easy way.


If you are always asking yourself how to Review Quran and Memorize it. The first thing to do is find a good translation of the Quran that is easy for you to understand. You can get lessons on how to pray here.

Reading the Holy Quran in English is an inspirational and educational experience for people of all ages. It is a way to learn about Islam, understand its doctrine, and grow closer to Allah so reading the Holy Quran in English reward is the same as reading in Arabic or maybe more.

Learn to read the Quran using our simple and easy methods. You can learn to read Quran in a very short time if you practice it regularly, where even children can pick up reading the holy text with ease.


Reading Quran while period


If you are female and asking, can you learn Quran while on your period, so we can say yes you can learn Quran while on your period It is a good time to memorize as it will help you focus on the meanings and purpose of every verse of the Quran?

You can learn to recite Quran beautifully with this easy-to-use application that helps you recite Quran using various features.

Learning Quran for beginners is not as difficult as you think, there are Quran learning courses for beginners and experienced teachers are giving so you can get the best advantage of it and learn Quran and Arabic as well.

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